They drove Augusto Pinochet to face justice yesterday. This is why

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Edited extracts from the Criminal Indictment against Augusto Pinochet laid before the Central Investigative Court No 5, at the National Court, Madrid by Judge Baltasar Garzon.

On 11 September 1973 Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, born in Valparaiso (Chile) 25 November 1915, with Chilean National Identity card number 1.128.923 and Commander in Chief of the army, put a plan into action to oust the constitutional government of Chile and end the life of President Salvador Allende Gossens with a military coup.

[The following is an account of those tortured and killed in the first month of Pinochet's rule.]

11 September 1973

Pinochet, together with the rest of the accused... ordered the detention and subsequent disappearance of the following persons, the majority supporters of President Allende who were taken from the Moneda Palace to the Tacna Regiment where they were tortured and afterwards taken away, presumably to be shot. Among these people were nine advisers of the President of the Republic and 15 members of the President's Security Guard.

1 Jaime Barrios Meza, 47, Managing director of the Central Bank and adviser to President Allende.

2 Daniel Escobar Cruz, 37, active member of the Communist Party.

3 Egidio Enrique Huerta Corvalan ,48, governor of the Moneda Palace.

4 Claudio Jimeno Grendi, 33, sociologist co-leader of the socialist party, adviser to the President.

5 Jorge Max Klein Pipper, 27, psychiatrist, co-leader of the Communist Party, adviser to the President.

6 Eduardo Paredes Barrientos, 34, doctor, co-leader of the Socialist Party, adviser to the President.

7 Egidio Enrique Pars Roa,40 psychiatrist, co-leader of the Communist Party, adviser to the President.

8 Hector Picheira Nnez, 28, doctor, adviser to the President.

9 Arsensio Poupin Dissel, 38, lawyer, member of the Socialist Party central committee, adviser to the president.

10 Manuel Castro Zamorano, 23, member of the presidential bodyguard.

11 Sergio Contreras, 40, journalist, bodyguard.

12 Jose Freire Medina, 20.

13 Daniel Antonio Gutierrez Ayala, 25.

14 scar Lagos Ros, 21, leader of the Young Socialists.

l5 scar Marambio Araya, 20.

16 Juan Mandiglio Mura, 24.

17 Julio Moreno Pulgar, 24, office boy and telegraphist.

18 Jorge Orrego Gonzlez, 29.

19 scar Luis Ramrez Barra, 23.

20 Luis Fernando Rodrguez Riquelame, 26, bodyguard.

21 Jaime Sotelo Ojeda 33, chief of the President's escort.

22 Julio Fernando Tapia Martnez, 24, chauffeur and member of the President's personal guard.

23 Oscar Enrique Valladares Caroca, 23.

24 Juan Vargas Contreras, 23.

Oscar Ivn Soto Guzmn, President Allende's personal doctor, was detained with the above.

Immediately after being detained, they were taken out of the Presidential Palace to Morande Street, where they were lined up against the front wall of the Presidential Palace with their hands on their heads. They were then thrown face down on to the ground. At around 5pm they were ordered to get up and a list was made of their names and details. Some were told they were free to go, like Mr Soto Guzmn; however others, among them all those listed above (the last 15 members of the Socialist Party), were tied hand and foot and taken to a lorry belonging to the Tacna Regiment of Santiago, and from there to an unknown destination.

Augusto Pinochet gave the order for the detention and torture of Presidente Allende's supporters through the Army Colonel Castro.

Another group of people, active members of the Socialist Party, were detained by the police at 8.45am

25 Domingo Blanco Torres, 32.

26 Carlos Alfonso Cruz Zavalla, 30.

27 Gonzalo Jorquera Leyton, 27.

28 Enrique Ropert Contreras, 20, active member of the Socialist Party and son of Allende's secretary, Miriam Contreras.

The last four detainees were taken to the Santiago service corps and then to the 6th Police Station. Their bodies were found - apart from that of Domingo Blanco who remained "disappeared" - at the end of September on the banks of the river Mapocho, under Bulnes bridge.

29 Antonio Aguirre Vzquez, 29.

30 Osvaldo Ramos Rivera, 22, members of the bodyguard and active members of the Socialist Party, were taken out of Moneda Palace by soldiers and led to the Central Post Office where they "disappeared".

31 Francisco Lara Ruiz, 22.

32 Wagner Herid Salinas Munoz, 30, both active members of the Socialist party and of the bodyguard, were intercepted on the outskirts of the city of Curic by the military who killed them on 5 October 1973.

33 Guillermo Jess Arenas Daz, accountant and active socialist, was taken to the Chilean Stadium, then to the National Stadium and thereafter "disappeared".

34 Emperatriz del Trnsito Villagra, 38, housewife, disappeared when she went to take food to her husband.

35 Ivn Octavio Miranda Seplveda, 28, mechanic, union leader, "disappeared" on 11 September 1973.

36 Oscar Luis del Carmen Aviles Jofre, 28, council worker, detained and "disappeared" when he left the Moneda Palace where he had gone on the 11th as a member of Minister Pedro Wstovic's security team. The same day at 6pm he was taken to the Tacna Regiment and put in the area named "Boxes" where he was tortured and badly treated until 13 September along with 26 or 27 other people tied hand and foot, when he was taken away to an unknown destination. Later, in 1994, his corpse was identified, and the date of death on his death certificate recorded as 24 October 1973.

37 Juan Garces Portigliati, 20, bodyguard, disappeared at 8.40pm near Moneda Palace, after being arrested by the Police and taken along with others to the Santiago service corps.

38 Domingo Antonio Norambuena Inostroza, 38, worker, arrested and "disappeared" on 11 September, in the province of the Bio-Bio river in the Monte Negro sierra.

39 Jose Adolfo Rojas Mendez, 20, seller, arrested on 11 September in Chilln at about 9pm in his home, by the military, who took him to the Montana Infantry Regiment No 9, from where he "disappeared" at 5am on the following day.

40 Hector Daniel Urruta Molina, 22, active member of the Socialist Party, student, bodyguard. Detained at 2pm on the same day in the Moneda Palace by the military and taken to the Tacna Regiment, from where he was taken to an unknown destination.

The repression and selective elimination of people continued with greater or lesser virulence and intensity after 12 September 1973, following the orders of the ruling junta, comprising President Augusto Pinochet Ugarte; Admiral Jose T. Merino Castro, Commander in Chief of the Navy; Air Force Commander Gustavo Leigh Guzman; and General Cesar Mendoza Duran, Director of Military Police until 17 December 1974 when August Pinochet was named President of the Republic.

Violent action continued at a very high level:

41 Benito Torres Torres, 57, detained on 11 September 1973 at 9pm in Santiago by the police, in his home and found dead the following day.

42 Juan Manuel Lira Morales, 23, killed.

43 Alberto Mariano Fonteta Alonso, fisherman from Uruguay, age 26, was detained on 12 September1973 and never reappeared.

44 Julio Roberto Quintiliano Cordozo, Brazilian, 29, engineer, Communist Party activist, was arrested on 12 September 1973 and taken to the military academy, where trace of him ended.

45 Tito Guillermo Kumze Durn, 42 , employed, militant socialist, is detained by the police and died after suffering multiple blows.

46 Drago Vinko Gojanovic Arias, Chilean-Yugoslavian, 23, chauffeur for the German Embassy and an active communist. Detained on 12 September 1973 in his father's house, and then taken by the military to an unknown destination. Later found dead with multiple gunshot wounds.

47 Hugo Araya Gonzlez, 37, reporter and socialist, wounded and killed by the military when taking photographs on 12 September 1973.

48 Luis Alberto Merchant Herchant, 43 , detained on 13 September 1973 by a military patrol, punched, taken away, and never seen again.

49 Ernesto Trambruan Riegelhaupt, 49, an active communist, was detained on 13 September 1973 and taken to the Ministry of Defence and was never seen again.

50 Enrique Ernesto Morales Melzer, age 21 , chauffeur, shot dead on 13 September 1973.

51 Jorge Gutierrez San Martn, 41, mechanic, shot dead on 12 September 1973.

52 Fernando Sofanor Flores Acevedo, 42 , bricklayer, killed on 13 September 1973 in the Jose Mara Caro district , by the military.

53 Scrates Ponce Pacheco, age 30, Ecuadorian, lawyer, was detained on 11 September, by the police and taken to the Tacna Regiment. Taken to Chile Stadium where his name was called out over the loudspeakers early in the morning of 13 September 1973 and his body was later found outside the stadium with eight bullet wounds.

54 Gregorio Mnica Argote, age 22 , student and active communist was detained in his home on 14 September by a military patrol and afterwards freed at the Chile stadium, no one has seen him since.

55 Herman Cea Figueroa, age 38, workman and active communist, was detained on 11 September 1973 with many others from his work and taken to the stadium. On 15 September he was executed by the police.

56 Vctor Lidio Jara Martnez, 40, professional singer , theatre director and member of the Central Committee of Young Communists, was detained between12 and 15 September by members of the army. His body was found on 16 September in the environs of the City Cemetery along with five other corpses.

57 Littre Quiroga Carvajal, lawyer, Director of National Prisons and active communist detained on 12 September and sent to the Chile stadium on 13 September 1973.

58 Charles Edmund Horman Lazar, 31, American film-maker and writer. Was detained at home in the Vicuna Mackenna area on 17 September 1973 by military forces. The same day he was incarcerated in the National Stadium where he was interrogated and tortured and later executed on 18 September 1973. His body was found in the municipal cemetery.

In October 1973, General Sergio Arellano Stark, carrying out Augusto Pinochet's direct orders went to the north of the country to unify criteria for trials that Military Courts were carrying out all over the country, in fulfilment of this direct order:

A) On 16 October 1973, at 11am, General Santiago Arellano Stark, Delegate of the Army Chief of Staff and the Ruling Military Junta, arrived at the local airport to receive the Commander of the ARICA motorised regiment, Lt Col Ariostel Lapostel Orrego. The same day General Arellano ordered the shooting of 15 detainees of the Serena prison in the Arica Regiment.

B) The night of 17 October 1973, General Arellano ordered the execution of 13 civilians, detained in Copiapo, a fact suppressed by General Lagos Osorio, military commander of the zone.

C) The next day, 18 October 1973, General Arellano Stark ordered the execution of 14 people detained, awaiting trial, in the prison of Antofagasta, without the knowledge of General Lagos. The victims were transferred from the prison to the "Quebrada El Way" in military vehicles. At around 1.20am they were shot with bursts of machine-gun fire and repeater guns. The corpses were thrown on to the street in front of the "morgue'" of Antofagasta hospital.

D) On the following day, 19 October 1973, the same general, Arellano Stark, set off to Calama where he ordered the execution of 26 detainees.

The indictment then lists nearly 3,000 more men and women killed by the military between October 1973 and the restoration of democracy in 1990. It is at