'They wouldn't stop screaming'

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ONE BOY in the classroom, Souhail Malik, 12, described the attack and how he thought he was going to be killed when the man held a gun to his head.

'The man came running in wearing a balaclava and green combat gear. He shouted: 'They have killed me and now they have killed all of you.'

'I thought he was just going to stand there and shoot me in the head but he ordered all the boys in the class to get out of their seats. We all got up and he made us line up facing the wall. The teacher did his best to calm him down. But the man threatened him with the gun and made him leave the classroom.

'Everyone was screaming but he shouted at us all to be quiet. There were some girls in the corner who wouldn't stop screaming and they were the ones he attacked.

'We were still facing the wall and couldn't see what was happening, but it was horrible. We were all so terrified.

'He had a gun and a knife and he was carrying a bag. He said there were more guns inside it.

'He seemed calm. He wasn't screaming or shouting or swearing. He just lined us up and repeated: 'They have killed me; now they have killed you.' '

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