Threat to life of Sinn Fein leader

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A leading member of Sinn Fein on Belfast City Council has been warned by police of an imminent attempt on his life, the party said yesterday.

Alex Maskey was told last night that the Royal Ulster Constabulary had information that his life was in imminent danger and he should step up his personal security. The RUC said it could not comment on the personal security of anybody.

The warning came hours after a bomb was found under the car of Sinn Fein's director of elections in Londonderry, Liam Duffy, and nine days after a leading Belfast republican, Eddie Copeland, suffered leg injuries when a bomb exploded under his car. There has been no claim of responsibility for either attack but the Ulster Freedom Fighters are believed to be behind the new offensive, heightening fears that the loyalist ceasefire is collapsing.