Three bodies thought to be IRA victims

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THE ROYAL Ulster Constabulary was early today investigating three bodies found in separate locations in a small area of south Armagh, writes Ian MacKinnon.

The republican area is a notorious IRA dumping ground for people shot for allegedly informing to the security forces.

A Catholic priest crossing the border discovered the body of a man in his twenties who had been dead only a short time. Fr John Duffy, from Dundalk, Co Louth, said the man was lying beside the road, hooded, naked and badly mutilated with something tied to his foot.

Priests in Crossmaglen said they had been called out to administer the last rites to a man found at Keegan's Shed on the Crossmaglen to Cullaville road, near the border with Co Louth.

The RUC said it was unlikely the other reports would be investigated until first light because of the danger of booby traps.

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