Three New Looks For Old As Politicians Smartened Up In Search Of Votes

Hague makeover: As John Major's successor hires clothing consultant, speculation begins on the look he will adopt
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Baroness Thatcher was transformed from a housewife to the Iron Lady with small, but crucial, makeovers. Out went bows and ruffled collars and in came suits, a new blonde hairdo and capped teeth. She lowered her voice an octave and mastered the art of the soundbite: "This lady's not for turning."

Neil Kinnock spawned the term "Folletting" after he engaged image consultant, and now Labour MP, Barbara Follett to give him and his shadow cabinet a makeover for the 1992 general election. His hair was given a crop and he was coached on a punchier despatch box style of delivery for TV.

Tony Blair has effortlessly adapted image advice to please all of the people all of the time. He is equally convincing wearing earthy suits for meeting the people to power dressing for the world stage. He now has an empathetic conversational style and has adopted a stammer to simulate spontaneity.