Three still fight for life as lucky survivors recover

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The three most seriously injured children from the Dunblane massacre were all in a "stable", condition last night, according to Glasgow hospital officials.

The two five-year-old boys were still in intensive care. Coll Austin, of Blenboard Cottage, who has multiple wounds to the chest, foot and eye was still "critically ill but stable". And Ryan Liddell of Edward Place was said to be doing well and stable.

Amie Adam, also five, of Albert Street, was out of intensive care and being looked after in the orthopaedic ward.

Another five-year-old, Mat-thew Birnie, who was shot in the shoulder and chest, had recovered enough to watch television.

He was being given painkillers to make him more comfortable and earlier yesterday was taken for X-rays.

Mark Mullan, who suffered abdominal injuries was still being treated in the intensive care unit at Stirling Royal Infirmary.

Six-year-old Stewart Weir and five-year-old Andrew O'Donnell were allowed home after receiving counselling and medical care.

Five-year-old Robbie Purves was said to be happily chatting and firmly on the road to recovery.

His brother Rocco, who visited him yesterday, said Robert wasn't even sore after a bullet hit him in the elbow: "I went to visit him in hospital this morning and he was playing about and asking me how I was getting on. He was just his usual self."

Five-year-old Benjamin Vallance was also said to be recovering from a gunshot wound to his arm.

Teacher Eileen Harild suffered three wounds in both arms, one serious.

Her husband said the bullet that caused the most damage had also almost certainly saved her life.

Mary Blake, the other teacher injured in the attack, was said by her son to be: "making progress".