Tory blames judges for rising crime

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A right-wing Conservative MP blamed "liberal, socialist-minded judges and magistrates" for rising crime levels yesterday and called for the return of national service and the birch.

David Evans, MP for Welwyn and Hatfield and John Redwood's campaign manager in this year's Tory leadership election, complained that some of the judiciary was suffering from "mad judge disease".

He also suggested, in a debate on crime, that judges should be paid a percentage of the fines they imposed to encourage them to give sentences "that fit the crime". He demanded the castration of rapists. And he said it might be a good idea to double the pounds 10 Christmas bonus for pensioners if they protected their property by shooting burglars.

Mr Evans said prison worked in deterring criminals. "One more scumbag behind bars is one less rampaging around the streets."

He called for measures to tackle "pathetic parents" who cannot control their children. If fines against the parents did not work "we could put them behind bars with their children."