Tory Conference: Tory MPs accused of sexist remarks

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Evidence of sexist comments by Conservative MPs in the House of Commons is to be presented to the Speaker, Betty Boothroyd, by Labour's chief whip.

The party's officials revealed last night that they were trawling videotapes of parliamentary proceedings, to corroborate complaints made by women MPs. Labour whips and some of the party's 102 women members have decided to act after being told to "get back in the kitchen" during debates.

A party spokesman said other comments included: "Why aren't you at home cooking your husband's dinner?" and calls of "She's got PMT" whenever a female MP stood up to complain about anything.

The party said it was not releasing names yet, partly because it would be discourteous to the Speaker to give them to the press before giving them to her, and partly because it might lead to legal action if the evidence was not completely clear.