Tory HQ aide to be a model

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A senior Tory aide is quitting Conservative Central Office - hoping to further his career as a male model.

Simon Brooke, 31, who is head of broadcasting, leaves at the end of the month after nearly five years in the news department. The 6ft aide, noted for his wavy blond hair and dashing good looks, is understood to have work with a leading model agency for sales catalogues. He is also taking time out before a general election to consider his future.

Mr Brooke, widely liked at Westminster for his suave charm and easy sense of humour, was guarded about his prospects. "I have not quite decided what I am going to do. I might do some travelling and take some time away from politics for a while."

He does not intend to be away for ever, but has little desire to become an MP, explaining: "I'm more of a backroom boy."

His boss, the communications director Tim Collins, is expected to be another high-profile departure from Central Office in the next few months.