Tory outrage at guillotine plan for referendums Bill

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The Government faced Tory outrage last night after it announced it was imposing a guillotine to force through the Bill to establish referendums on devolution in Wales and Scotland. Alastair Goodlad, Shadow Leader of the House, warned Ann Taylor, the Leader of the House, that her credibility and the co-operation of the House was being "put in jeopardy" by the move. John Redwood, a former secretary of state for Wales, accused Labour of an "arrogant presidential-style" of government.

But Liberal Democrat MPs supported the Government, accusing Tory MPs of "synthetic anger". The guillotine, to be debated today will timetable debate on the Referendums (Scotland and Wales) Bill after more than 200 amendments were tabled mainly by Tories opposed to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assemblies. Mrs Taylor said the referendums would pave the way for the main legislation, which would be introduced later, on detailed plans for devolution.