Tougher rules for Cyprus troops

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Defence Correspondent

British troops in Cyprus who cause any trouble in bars and nightclubs will be sent back to Britain immediately and without warning, it was announced yesterday.

The crackdown follows last week's conviction of three British soldiers for the murder of Danish tour guide Louise Jensen and is designed to try to restore the British forces' image with local people.

The Army said yesterday it had always been its policy to send people home if they misbehaved while serving abroad, but said extra measures were being taken to remind soldiers of the need to show the highest standards of behaviour.

The men from the Royal Green Jackets who clubbed the young woman to death were so drunk they could not remember where they hid the body. The horrific murder has shamed the Army, and its handling of the incident has also attracted criticism. The commander of British Forces in Cyprus, Air Vice- Marshal Peter Millar, yesterday began visiting bases to address all British soldiers, airmen and women on the island.

The MoD said it had not heard from Ms Jensen's parents, who were considering suing the Army for being responsible for the behaviour of the soldiers.