Tracie Andrews admits lovers' tiff

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Tracie Andrews, the woman accused of murdering her fiance Lee Harvey, told police that the couple were deeply in love despite their arguments, a court heard yesterday.

Ms Andrews, 28, was arrested days after Mr Harvey was knifed to death in a quiet country lane near their home in Alvechurch, Worcestershire, on 1 December last year.

The day after she was found by his dead body, she told police he had been the victim of a road-rage style attack by a mystery passenger in a dark Sierra, which had chased them along country lanes.

Ms Andrews allegedly admitted to police that their relationship had its ups and downs. "We have had our arguments and split up a few times when Lee would go back to his parents' house, but we always got back together and love each other very much," she said.

"Lee is a very friendly, outgoing person. He's outspoken and speaks his mind no matter who is there. He's an extremely kind, loving person."

She denied that they had been arguing throughout the day of the murder, but admitted they had a lovers' tiff, saying "it was nothing major".

She said Mr Harvey had made a snide comment about the father of her six- year-old daughter, but denied they had been arguing.

The case continues.