Traits that colour car-buyers' choice

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The colour that people choose for their car can provide a fascinating insight into the owner's personality, according to new research.

Aided by psychologist Donna Dawson, the car-fleet management company Lease Plan came up with the following conclusions: buyers who choose the colour red are likely to be aggressive, vivacious and passionate - the colour, represents energy, strength, vigour and sexual excitement; blue is chosen by conservative, cautious and deliberate owners who are likely to be conscientious workers; green is the choice of good citizens who are loyal and frank with a balanced personality; while purple is preferred by individualistic people who are quick-witted, vain and refined. Yellow has an intelligent and aloof image, and is favoured by owners who tend to be idealistic, imaginative and fuelled by nervous energy. Black is passive, but sophisticated and dignified - a colour also sought by the status-conscious; silver indicates drivers who are calm and self-contained as well as sober and dedicated; gold is chosen by extroverts who love luxury and tend to be intuitive; maroon is for the passionate and disciplined, and white is for extroverts who are status-seeking.