TRANSPORT: Scotland offers life in the fast lane

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If you want to avoid life in the slow lane and dodge daily traffic jams, then the Scottish Borders and East Anglia are the best places to live and work, new research published has revealed.

Around 70 per cent of British motorists spend up to 30 minutes stuck in a traffic jam during an average working day, but a drive to work in the Borders and East Anglia is much easier with 41 per cent and 40 per cent of motorists respectively avoiding a jam altogether.

That compares with only 3 per cent in Lancashire, 7 per cent in the central region of England and 8 per cent of drivers in Yorkshire who manage to dodge daily hold-ups.

And if you ever want to get stuck in the slow lane then the Midlands, which includes the M6 and Spaghetti Junction, is the place to head for.

Ninety per cent of motorists interviewed for the research, sponsored by breakdown service Autonational Rescue, are held up in traffic jams every day by anything up to two hours - although for most, the average daily hold-up is no more than 15 minutes.