Travel free to France and we'll pay you pounds 1

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Together with Hoverspeed,

the Independent on Sunday has arranged

a very special offer for our readers

Travel free to France with Hoverspeed when you take a car

and up to 5 people on a day return or for a trip with one overnight stay. Foot passengers also go free.

You can travel from as early as Tuesday 21 January.

But there's a big difference, we will pay pounds 1 to readers using this offer to take their car by Hoverspeed from Dover to Calais or

Folkestone to Boulogne during January and February (pounds 1 per car). You'll be presented with your pounds 1 at the port when you cross the channel to France with your car on Hoverspeed's SeaCat (55 mins) or even faster hovercraft (35 mins).

Take up to five people - but if you're travelling on your own in a car or there are just two of you, it's the same offer - a FREE crossing plus pounds 1 in your pocket.