Triple killer goes back to Broadmoor

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Alan Reeve (left), the triple killer who escaped from Broadmoor top-security hospital 16 years ago, appeared before magistrates yesterday after being extradited from the Irish Republic.

He escaped from Broadmoor in 1981 where he was being held for killing his friend Roger Jackson when the pair were 15. He was arrested two weeks ago in Cork, where he had been living with his fiancee and baby son, and working as a typesetter at the Cork Women's Poetry Circle. Reeve, 49, was re-arrested on warrants relating to the murders of Roger Jackson and a fellow Broadmoor inmate, Billy Doyle, 22. In 1981 he escaped to Holland where he killed a policeman in a bungled off-licence raid. He spent 10 years in a Dutch prison, then went to ground. After the hearing in Bracknell, Berkshire, Reeve was driven to Broadmoor.