Trouble in the making

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4pm Large number of English fans drinking in the Old Port area of Marseilles.

4.30pm Scores of bottles are thrown by English and Tunisian fans. Dog- handlers and riot police using tear gas move in.

5pm English fans damage a Tunisian flag.

6.15pm Police use tear gas to deal with a volley of bottles from England fans.

8.20pm A group of several hundred England fans begin throwing bottles in and around Old Port area.

9pm Fans throw tables and chairs at the windows of restaurants and bars.

9.15pm The entire Old Port square has been cleared by police. Calm returns.

11.30pm Police prevent fans from entering Old Port.

11.40pm More running battles break out between England fans and Tunisian youths outside Old Port.

11.45pm One fan has had his throat slit. Taken to hospital in serious condition.

12.00am Trouble subsides as fans begin to disperse.