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PASSENGERS using Queens Road station in Walthamstow, east London, have long complained about its darkness at night. Relief seemed to be at hand when Railtrack began installing new lights earlier this year. But it was not to be.

According to Steve Foulger of the local rail users' group, only half the station has had new lights installed. And unfortunately the trains, which consist of only two carriages, use the other part of the station, where there is still very poor lighting.

Just to make sure that no passengers benefit from the new floodlighting, Railtrack has erected big barriers preventing people getting into the bright section, and blocking access to the equally well-lit and potentially useful staircase that leads to Walthamstow Central station.

North London Lines, which run the trains, says it knows nothing about the lights and only rents from Railtrack the part of the platform it uses. And Mr Foulger says: "Railtrack just never answers any letters. They won't explain why we can't use that part of the station."