Tube driver wins sex bias claim

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A woman who was told by rail chiefs to chose between being a mother or a pounds 17,000-a-year Tube train driver has won her sex discrimination claim.

Susan Edwards was one of only 20 female London Underground drivers out of a total of more than 2,000 when she was told by bosses to chose between looking after her child or keeping her job. She is a lone parent.

Yesterday Ms Edwards won her case against London Underground after ploughing through textbooks to teach herself employment law.

Speaking after news of her victory was announced, she said: "I was told by London Underground Limited Management that I could be a train driver or a mum and the kid was my problem. Three years later they now realise that this is not an appropriate attitude towards their employees."

The industrial tribunal, at Woburn Place in central London, has yet to decide on a figure for compensation - although it is expected to be substantial because of the ruling that she was deliberately discriminated against.