Two-thirds of paedophiles fail to report to police

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As many as two-thirds of the sex offenders required to sign up to the so-called paedophile register have failed to report to police, it was disclosed yesterday. Probation workers have identified 2,200 former convicts who should be on the list, but by the registration deadline of midnight last night, only about 700-800 are expected to have come forward.

It is thought most avoiders are simply laying low and hoping the fuss will pass over, but a few paedophiles are thought to have "gone underground" by changing their addresses and identities. Brian Mackenzie, president of the Police Superintendents' Association, called yesterday for the identities of the most dangerous paedophiles who have not registered to be published on the Internet, despite warnings that this might lead to vigilante attacks.

The National Association of Probation Officers is required to tell all offenders on probation, parole or community service for serious sex crimes against women or children that they must report to police.