Uganda massacre: Adventurers who died for their love of the wild; The Victims

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ON SUNDAY night, just hours before he was hacked to death, Mark Lindgren rang his parents and told his father, John, how he was looking forward to a game of golf on his return.

His mother was in the kitchen of their home in St Albans, Hertfordshire, too busy to speak. She is now distraught she had not taken that last opportunity to speak to her son.

Kerry Pollard, their constituency MP, said: "The family are absolutely devastated, hardly able to come to terms with the loss of their only son. They are trying to hold themselves together and just waiting for news on when the body can come back."

As officials last night prepared to repatriate the body of Mr Lindgren, 23, tributes were paid to the other Britons killed.

Friends of Steven Roberts, 27, said he had always wanted to see the world. Last October he left the electrical store he had helped set up in order to fulfil his ambitions.

His former boss, John Sadd, executive director at Miller Brothers in Edinburgh, said Mr Roberts had first travelled to Australia to visit his parents and then moved on.

"He also spoke about going on safari - I know that was something he wanted to do," he said. "He was very likeable, very enthusiastic and had a wide circle of friends and we are all very saddened by what has happened."

A family friend, Mark Williams, 27, the fiance of Mr Roberts' sister, Leanne, said: "Steven was a fun-loving guy who was there on an adventure holiday. He knew the risks involved."

Martin Friend, 24, had been in Africa for two weeks and was travelling with Gary Tappenden. Both had wanted to see the rare mountain gorillas before travelling to South Africa.

Yesterday Mr Friend's parents, Pauline and Ronald, were too upset to talk about what had happened to their son. At the family home in Orpington, Kent, two police officers blocked the gate.

One said: "The father is very religious and just wants to be left alone. He wants to grieve with friends of the family. He is very upset and does not want to discuss anything yet."