A little local trouble

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In Dyfed, the RSPCA is looking after a seal pup, repeatedly shot at with an airgun. The four-week-old pup had become stranded in a culvert of the River Cleddan in Haverfordwest. It freed itself but was unable to swim away because of its injuries. Richard Timothy of the RSPCA said: "One flipper was pitted with pellets and there are still some stuck in its skin. Someone has exploited the seal's predicament and cruelly used it for target practice." People carrying an airgun had been spotted near where the seal pup was stranded. Witnesses are asked to contact the RSPCA's Cruelty Hotline on 0900 555999.

Farmers are being warned to be on their guard against Christmas turkey rustlers. The Country Landowners Association this week urged small-scale producers to be vigilant. The North and Mid Wales CLA secretary, Julian Salmon said: "They should be on extra alert during the run-up to 25 December."