A little local trouble: A weekly round-up of rural rumpuses

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Plans for a new town in the East Devon countryside are being strongly opposed by local councillors. The county council proposes a town of 3,000 homes at a location thought to be at Broadclyst, outside Exeter. Their plan is in line with government proposals for 99,000 new dwellings in the county between 1991 and 2011, to accommodate people moving to the country and Exeter commuters. East Devon Council, and local conservation groups, believe only 79,999 homes are needed, which would avoid the need for the new town.

An elderly couple at Branscombe, Devon, had a lucky escape this week when a bullock tumbled down a cliff and crashed into the wall of their chalet. Charles and Doreen Jordan were watching TV when the cow smashed into the wall, dislodging the bath. The animal then ricocheted on to the beach, where it was found unhurt.