Abuse case man tied up in protest

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STEVE COLLIS did not know how better to express his despair, writes Tim Kelsey.

He plans to sue Derbyshire council for negligence, saying he was abused as a child in care. The police investigated but said they could not prosecute for lack of evidence, and yesterday Mr Collis staged a protest. He bound himself in masking tape outside Full Street police station in Derby, which was where the inquiry into his allegations took place. He wrapped himself in the tape because he claimed this was one of the methods used by social workers to terrorise him.

'I wanted to do this to let people know what happened in the home,' he said. 'These are the things that still happen.'

His solicitor is now seeking an explanation from the Crown Prosecution Service over its decision to drop the case. Mr Collis said he may try to finance a private prosecution if the police do not take action against the care workers alleged to have abused him.

Mr Collis, now 31, entered a local children's home voluntarily when he was 16 because of parental neglect. For 18 months, he claims, he was brutalised. On his second day, he alleges, a policeman beat him up. More routinely he was assaulted by members of the care staff, he claims, and on one occasion he was tied up with tape. The member of staff who untied him has offered to testify against the care worker responsible.

Another former resident, who is also seeking compensation, alleges that his head was forced into a bowl of water by a care worker and that his nose was broken.

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