Air 'injected into baby by nurse'

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AN AIR bubble found in the armpit of 15-month-old Kaylie Desmond had not been injected by doctors or senior nurses struggling to save her life after she stopped breathing, Nottingham Crown Court was told yesterday.

X-rays later revealed the 'remarkable' presence of a large, harmful volume of air pumped through a syringe by Nurse Beverly Allitt, the prosecution in the ward four murder trial alleges.

Ms Allitt, 24, denies murdering four children on ward four of Grantham and Kesteven District Hospital, Lincolnshire. She also denies 11 charges of attempted murder, including alleged attacks on Kaylie in March 1991.

Mrs Bowles told jurors that Ms Allitt had gone alone to Kaylie's room to perform a routine job on the child's intravenous drip. Then Ms Allitt asked for help.

Mrs Bowles said: 'Then Nurse Allitt asked me to look at Kaylie. She said: 'Look at Kaylie's colour'. She had gone pale and motley.' Kaylie had stopped breathing. Nurse Bowles gave mouth-to- mouth resuscitation.

The child's breathing stopped again later that night and she was transferred to a Nottingham hospital where she recovered.

The trial continues on Monday.