Anorexic twin leaves hospital

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SAMANTHA Kendall, the anorexic woman whose twin sister, Michaela, died last month from the slimming disease, discharged herself from hospital yesterday lunchtime against medical advice despite the fact that she is suffering from a chest infection.

Ms Kendall, 27, of Yardley, Birmingham, who weighs 4.5 stone (28.5kg), was admitted to Solihull Hospital on Friday. She had been due to fly to Canada for treatment at a clinic which specialises in eating disorders, but a doctor called in by British Airways to ensure she was fit enough to fly sent her to hospital.

Over the weekend she was put on an intravenous drip and given antibiotics. Doctors were encouraged after she ate a small breakfast yesterday morning.

A hospital spokeswoman said: 'We are disappointed that Samantha did not give us long enough to treat her properly. She still has a chest infection and is weaker than a normal person. But she wanted to go home and signed her own discharge form. She was in hospital under her own volition and there is nothing we could do to stop her.'

Ms Kendall, who developed the disease after making a slimming pact with her sister at the age of 14, after they were teased at school about their chubby appearances, survives on just a few crisps each day. She said she had discharged herself from hospital because her stay had been pointless.

'They weren't doing anything for me. I was on a drip and had been given some pills, but I feel fine anyway. As soon as it is possible I want to go to Canada. If somebody could do something for me in this country I would stay, but there are not the facilities,' she said.

'My sister's death has really shocked me and I do want to live, but I want to do it my way. I know I am ill but I am not mental and can think for myself.'