Dashcam shows man with a pram deliberately keying £100,000 Aston Martin in Hackney supermarket car park

Police have arrested a man accused of causing £9,000 worth of damage to the vehicle

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Chalk this one up to jealousy, a stand against gentrification or an act of mindless vandalism.

The Metropolitan Police has released CCTV footage of a man allegedly running his keys down the passenger's side of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage.

The luxury car, with a retail price ranging between £85,000 and £140,000, was parked in the Tesco supermarket on Morning Lane near Hackney Central, London.

The driver left his dashboard camera on while he went shopping and thus managed to capture a man approaching his desirable vehicle moments later. The tall black man, who was pushing a pram, is seen taking a bunch of keys out from his pocket and scraping them down the side of the car, causing £9,000 worth of damage.

The incident occurred on Friday 19 June at around 10:30am.

At 4pm, police confirmed that they had arrested a man in connection with the incident.