Baby on golf course 'was not abandoned'

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THE TEENAGE mother of a new-born baby found last week on a golf course did not abandon her child, police said yesterday.

The 14-year-old planned to return to pick up the baby boy from undergrowth at Kilton Forest Golf Club in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, but he was found before she went back for him.

The family of the girl - who gave birth in her bedroom while her mother slept in a nearby room - did not even know she was pregnant, police said.

Worksop police said: 'She showed very few physical or mental signs of pregnancy, and her modern teenage clothes did the rest for her.' The girl owned up when police, who spent five days searching for the baby's mother, visited her home. The child was named Christopher by staff at Bassetlaw District General Hospital, where he is still recovering from hypothermia.

Police said the girl gave birth at about 5am and took the child to a friend's house, believing they could secretly look after him. But when she found her friend was not at home she panicked and took Christopher to the golf course, thinking she would be able to return and fetch him later.

Her family watched news coverage of the baby's discovery and appeals for the mother to come forward, but did not realise their daughter was involved.

The girl has undergone medical treatment and minor surgery but is otherwise well. She and her family - who were described as being 'very supportive' - are being counselled by a woman police officer and a social worker.

A report is to be submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service, but police said it was highly unlikely the girl would face any charges. However the baby's father, if traced, could face charges relating to having sexual intercourse with an under-age girl.