Ballet magnifies dancers' performance

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THE ballerina Alexandra Foley shown larger than life through a special mirror while preparing for a performance of the English National Ballet production of X. N. Tricities, choreographed by the Italian Mauro Bigonzetti (left), writes David Lister.

The ballet, which is touring the country, is set to an electronic score and uses the five-feet-wide, water-filled lenses, each weighing more than 350kgs, to magnify and sometimes invert the dance. They are made from Makrolon, a clear reinforced plastic that is more commonly used in the manufacture of police riot shields and aircraft cockpits. The dancers wear special leather halters and tutus with eight-inch-wide leather belts and metal handles.

The lenses, suspended above the stage, have to be emptied each evening after the performance and stored in specially designed cases.

(Photograph omitted)