Bank adds pounds 110 to bill for lunch

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CHRIS REDDALL took his bank manager out for lunch, paid the pounds 40 bill, and was later charged pounds 110 for two hours and five minutes of the manager's time.

Mr Reddall, 50, who runs a printing business in Brighton, said: 'It is a total cheek. I've had a good relationship with the bank for 20 years and now this happens.

'I've always had these business lunches before but now this new young manager has taken it upon himself to charge me for his time.

'The bank come over each year for an annual review where they ask how much I want to borrow and that sort of thing.

'I tend to try and make it into a lunchtime thing so I forge a better relationship with the manager and it's just nice and civil.'

He said if the charge that appeared on his statement was not dropped he would move his account from Barclays to another bank.

A spokesman for Barclays Bank said: 'Charges are made at the discretion of the managers at individual branches.'