'Bleeper' saves stolen BMW

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A CAR TRACKING device introduced into Britain three months ago has been used to trace and recover a stolen BMW worth pounds 15,000, writes Simon Midgley.

It is only the second time that the electronic bug has been used in this country to recover a stolen vehicle.

Jeremy Swift, 26, a Derbyshire businessman, bought the red BMW 318 as a Christmas present for his wife about 10 weeks ago. On 23 December, however, the car was stolen from the Stockport garage where he bought it.

Mr Swift had fitted the car with the pounds 350 device after his wife's previous car, a Ford Escort Cabriolet, was stolen from outside their house in Chesterfield three months earlier.

The tracker was activated and began emitting a bleep, which was picked up by specially-equipped police cars without alerting the thieves.

Officers followed the signal and within a day found the car at a private garage in Manchester. It was delivered to Mr Swift on Christmas Eve in time for him to give it to his 28-year-old wife, Vivien.