Bomb Attacks: Mass rally by Islamic extremists raises fears

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A PAN-ISLAMIC extremist organisation which calls for the extermination of Jews and advocates attacks on Westerners is to hold a massive rally in Wembley Stadium next week, amid accusations by foreign intelligence services that Britain is not acting on warnings about the danger posed by the group, writes Adel Darwish.

On Monday Brent Council, which covers Wembley, passed a motion calling on the Home Secretary and the stadium to ban the rally on the grounds that the aims of motives of the organisers were deeply repugnant to the vast majority of Brent residents. They await a decision from the Home Office.

The Home Office said only marches can be banned.

The rally, the biggest of its kind outside the Muslim world, is to be held on 7 August and organised by Hizbul tahreer al-Islami - the Islamic Liberation Party.

One of its leaflets found in London University in April read: 'The Hour of resurrection will not come until the faithful believers (Muslims) fight the Jews and kill them.'

A call for the immigration rules to be reviewed in the wake of the bombing of Israeli targets in Britain was made by Sir Ivan Lawrence, a leading Tory backbench voice on law and order.