Valentine's Day public 'kiss-in' marks start of LGBT 'Freedom to kiss' campaign

Scores of couple of all sexualities and gender identities gathered in London as David Walliams and Russell Brand also showed their support

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Scores of couples gathered in central London to celebrate the launch of a campaign against homophobia with a public 'kiss-in' on Valentine’s Day.

Couples of all sexualities and gender identities met on the steps of the Eros statue, Piccadilly Circus, to take part in Britain first public ‘kiss-in’ to mark the start of Pride's ‘Freedom to Kiss’ campaign, after research by the campaigner showed that more than half of same sex couples would not feel completely comfortable kissing in public.

Russell Brand and David Walliams also added their support to the campaign, after Mr Walliams posted a tweet of the two together earlier this week.

More than a 1,000 people partook in the Pride survey, which showed that 54 per cent were uncomfortable with kissing in public.

Of that number, 86 per cent claimed they were afraid of the negative attention, either verbal or physical.


One of those who took part in the protest was Bronac Mcneill who said although LGBT members enjoyed greater freedoms than before, “we are seeing an increasing number of same-sex couples be subjected to homophobic behaviour and discrimination for expressing affection to their partners in public.”

Mr Mcneill continued: “Now, more than ever before, we need more LGBT+ heroes, including our straight allies, to stand beside us and show why the right to kiss our partners in public – whatever their gender – is a freedom we should all enjoy.”