Call to review treatment for overdoses

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A CORONER yesterday called for a review of the treatment of patients suffering from paracetamol overdoses. Sir Montague Levene made his call at an inquest in Southwark, south London, on Nicola Norton, 16, from St Austell, Cornwall, who died 10 days after being released from hospital by doctors who said her life was not in danger.

The inquest was told that Nicola was taken to Trelisk Hospital in Cornwall on 1 November last year after swallowing about 25 paracetamol tablets following a row with her boyfriend. A blood test showed that the level of paracetamol in her body was below the required amount to be given an antidote. She was given a mixture to absorb the drug and sent home.

She was taken back to hospital when she became ill again two days later, and transferred to King's College Hospital, London, for a liver transplant but died on 11 November.

The inquest continues.