Callers are conned by 'fake' dating adverts

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HUNDREDS of users of telephone dating services risk being conned by advertisements for 'fake' services which fail to live up to the description provided. ICSTIS, the watchdog body governing premium-rate telephone services, says that this is an area of growing concern, with complaints about telephone dating services almost doubling last year to 435.

Valerie Howarth, spokeswoman for ICSTIS, said: 'There are only so many long-legged blondes in a community. But if you read the ads you might think differently.'

ICSTIS is worried that many telephone dating advertisements are placed just for the revenue generated by the calls - often made to an electronic message machine - which are then not answered. The calls cost 39p a minute at cheap rate and 49p at peak times.

Ms Howarth also said that there is concern that some dating services might be a cover for prostitution. This has not been a significant problem so far, but ICSTIS has pulled the plug on 150 dating lines because they were sexually explicit or had sexual overtones.