Calm start to holiday exodus

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MEMBERS of the Royal Family were regularly supplied with heroin and cocaine while staying at Balmoral early this century, it has been claimed.

A R Clark's pharmacy, in the Deeside village of Braemar, also sent opium to the rich and famous who travelled north for the grouse shooting season, according to the Aberdeen-based magazine Leopard, which says it has uncovered the pharmacy record books for 1897 to 1914.

It also says Winston Churchill was supplied with a cocaine solution while staying at nearby Invercauld House.

A R Clark established the shop in the Highland village in 1897 and was granted a royal warrant to supply medicines to royals who visited his area. At that time the use of narcotics and stimulants was not controlled by law.

According to the records, the shop offered 'menthol and cocaine lozenges - to be sucked occasionally'.

Between 1901 and 1914 female members of the Royal Family were supplied with large quantities of heroin and cocaine, along with sleeping pills, bromides, chloroform and adrenalin. In 1906, Princess Louise, the then Princess Royal, was given cocaine in solution and cocaine ointment.