Cambridge dean resigns over student dropping trousers

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The dean of a Cambridge University college has resigned over the lenient punishment handed out to an undergraduate who dropped his trousers at a football club dinner.

Dr Bill Milne, who as dean of Churchill College is head of college discipline, stood down after a special disciplinary court banned the student from attending club dinners for a year. The student involved, who has not been named, stripped off in front of team-mates and members of the college ladies' team. Many female students were upset and reported him to the college authorities.

Dr Milne, director of studies in engineering, said: 'I felt that the college failed in its duty to support the students who complained, so I resigned.'

The Court of Discipline found difficulty in determining an appropriate punishment because the offended females put their complaints in writing and were reluctant to be named. Complainants were also worried that the undergraduate involved might be sent down, the university's version of being expelled.

As a result of the case the college is now reviewing its disciplinary procedures.