Car salesman 'killed woman customer'

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A CAR salesman murdered a 'warm and trusting travel agent' just 10 days after he delivered her new car, it was alleged at the Old Bailey yesterday.

Gillian Bennett, 33, was tied up, stabbed and set on fire while she was still alive, Nigel Sweeney, for the prosecution, said. He claimed that the killer was Winston Goulbourne, 25, who called at her home in Streatham, south London, early one morning last December.

In the 10 days that followed her purchase of a new Fiat Uno from the west London dealers Marn, Mr Goulbourne, who denies murder, had told colleagues that he liked her, falsely claimed he had had sexual intercourse with her and made excuses to call at her flat, Mr Sweeney said. He might even have tampered with her car as an excuse to see her.

Blood of the victim's type was found on his jacket, fibres from items in the bedroom were on his trousers and on a petrol can in his car, the court was told.

The trial continues today.