Carnival of Caribbean and South American music in London

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A CARNIVAL of Caribbean and South American music and dance is being staged in London this weekend to mark the 'discovery' of the New World by Christopher Columbus 500 years ago. Traditional music ensembles from Jamaica, Trinidad, Venezuela, Cuba, Guadeloupe, the Virgin Islands and Belize, home of the Black Caribs or Garifuna, (above) will stage a series of concerts highlighting the varied roots of Caribbean culture. More than 75 artistes are involved performing 50 different dances, songs and musical compositions reflecting African, Amerindian, Indian, Spanish, French and English influences. The Caribbean Music Village is being staged at Orleans House, Riverside, Twickenham, today, 7pm-10pm, and tomorrow, 6.30pm- 10pm; and also on Sunday, 2pm-6pm, at Lea Valley Park, Waltham Forest