CCTV shows the moment man is crushed by car after bus collision in London

Warning: Distressing footage that shows a man crushed by a car. Viewer discretion advised.

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Former London Underground worker Hussain Musoke survived after being crushed beneath a Vauxhall Astra, which collided into him after it was hit by a single-decker bus.

The incident took place at Saturday lunchtime as he walked to his brother’s house to watch football.

Mr Musoke was left struggling to breathe with relatives praising the actions of a group of neighbours who raced to the scene to lift clear the vehicle.

His son, Ismail Musoke said: “It’s really a miracle he is still alive. When you watch it happen like that, you can’t believe he survived”.

“I’d really like to thank all the people who helped lift the car. My Dad told me he was struggling to breathe, gasping for air and they helped save his life. We are all so grateful.”

The family intend to press charges against the driver who caused the crash and are considering suing the bus company for damages.

According to the Evening Standard, Mr Musoke is due to have a second operation on his ankle today and his family fear they will struggle to cope as he is expected to need rehabilitation for a considerable period of time.