Cheering and desk banging greet first Conservative cabinet meeting in 18 years

Video: The jubilant all-Tory cabinet could hardly contain their delight

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While some people in the UK are still coming to terms with the new Conservative government, most notably Labour and Lib Dem party members, the new Tory cabinet can hardly hide its glee.

After 18 years of Tory rule came to an end with Tony Blair's historic 1997 landslide, it's taken another 18 years for the Conservative party to finally have the cabinet room at No 10 all to its self. While David Cameron has enjoyed the trappings of the office of the First Lord of the Treasury for the past five years, he had to share the cabinet room and a number of positions with Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.

Now, with Clegg no longer leader and the Lib Dems reduced to a paltry eight MPs, Cameron has revelled in his first all-Tory cabinet meeting, complete with cheering and desk banging as he entered the room. The Prime Minister must be getting used to such praise, having received the traditional desk banging from the 1922 Committee earlier this week.

You can watch Cameron's first cabinet meeting, complete with desk banging, below:

The Prime Minister has kept Theresa May (Home Secretary), Philip Hammond (Foreign Secretary), George Osborne (Chancellor) and Michael Fallon (Defence Secretary) in the same positions. Jeremy Hunt, Nicky Morgan, Iain Duncan Smith, Patrick McLoughlin, Liz Truss, Theresa Villiers and Stephen Crabb also remained in their pre-election jobs.