Cheshire Police mocked for e-fit of man wanted over knife incident that looks 'like it was made on Paint'

'I genuinely thought this was a joke'

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Police have been mocked over a rudimentary e-fit image of a man wanted for questioning that "looks like it was made using Microsoft Paint."

The computer generated picture was circulated by Cheshire Police in the hunt for a suspect seen with a knife in a pub in Macclesfield, according to the Manchester Evening News.

But a serious appeal descended into farce as his apparently drawn-on beard prompted social media users to question how much money was left in constabulary budgets.

Manchester Evening News and Macclesfield Express readers mocked the e-fit on Facebook

"There's budget cuts, and then there's using snapchat to take a picture of your mate and scribbling on his face. This is Cameron's fault," said Dominic Gibbs on Facebook.

Another commentators, Ed Coley, said: "When you're in charge of a criminal investigation but only have access to Microsoft Paint."

Some Twitter users simply expressed bewilderment and disbelief at the image.

"I genuinely thought this was a joke," said Anna Gough on Facebook. "Looks like the image was made on someone's PC using Paint."

One Twitter user gave the police a possible "lead" - by drawing a similar beard on David Cameron's face.

One Twitter user, @WeahsCousin, said he thought he had caught their culprit

Others suggested a charitable collection to go towards training courses to help police improve their drawing skills.

"Is this a joke? Do we need to sort some kind of collection? I'm sure there's a course people can go on," said Tor Bullock.

Other Facebook users said they were worried about budget cuts to the police

The culprit being searched for entered The Park Tavern in Macclesfield on January 12 and sat alone, with AA batteries in a plastic case around his waist.

He was white, in his late 30s, with short black hair, a dark beard and a slim face. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Cheshire Police on 101 and quote incident number 835.