Chess 'role models' prepare for world championship

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NIGEL SHORT and Garry Kasparov stood accused of bringing the game of chess into disrepute, the editor of the Times declared himself 'proud to be associated with two great role models', their lawyer said they were not doing it for the money, and then Kasparov got a number-unobtainable tone when he dialled the state-of-the-art, interactive, telephone chess line, writes William Hartston.

As a launch of the Short-Kasparov match for the Times World Chess Championship it all went much as expected. Since Short and Kasparov ditched the International Chess Federation (FIDE) to form their own Professional Chess Association (PCA) two months ago, they have attracted widespread condemnation from their fellow grandmasters.

'Once the players begin to understand what Nigel and Garry have wrought,' said Bob Rice, the American lawyer who is to be the first PCA chief executive, 'they will be very pleased with the results.' You will be able to watch it on Channel 4, see it live at the Savoy Theatre, London, or ring up the predict-a-move competition. The 24-game match will run from 7 September until 30 October with 25,000 seats costing pounds 45 to pounds 150.