Children took LSD at party

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FOUR eight-year-old children were taken to hospital after taking LSD tablets which they thought were sweets, a court was told yesterday.

The incident happened at a church hall disco after a father of one of the children put the tablets in his daughter's purse for safekeeping. Terry Thacker, 22, of Hull, was given a 12-month probation order at Hull Crown Court after admitting possession.

Neil Cameron, for the prosecution, said Thacker bought about seven tabs impregnated with LSD and put them in a purse. His daughter, Kirsty, then took them to the disco and handed the drugs round thinking they were sweets. 'The children, having taken the drugs, started to hallucinate.'

Four of the children were taken to Hull Royal Infirmary to be treated for LSD poisoning.

Bernard Gateshill, for the defence, said that when Thacker realised the situation he went to the disco and finding that the drugs were missing alerted police and the disco organisers. He added that following the affair Thacker had been forced to move home after parents and neighbours threatened him with violence.