#ChocCoinGate: The sadness of Cadbury discontinuing chocolate coins before Christmas

Chocolate lovers said that Christmas will not be the same without Cadbury coins

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Cadbury yesterday announced that they have discontinued milk chocolate coins and unhappy fans even set up a petition calling for a U-turn.

Twitter users were sent into a milk chocolate meltdown after the news broke by the confectionery firm answering a Telegraph journalist Harry Wallop's question about no longer selling the foil-wrapped sweets.

The chocolate makers, established in Birmingham in 1824 before being bought by US firm Kraft Foods in 2010, said: "@hwallop Chocolate coins have been discontinued however we have lots of other chocolatey treats to try."

An e-petition was even started up in a bid to get Cadbury to reverse their decision.

And with eight weeks until Christmas, chocolate lovers shared their grief and lamented the loss of their favourite shiny stocking-fillers on the social media website.

Shoppers who want to cut the cost of festive food were looking to discount supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi, who stock their own chocolate coins, the company suggested.

However, not everyone seems happy to plump for the cheaper varieties.


And some people even took to criticising the takeover of Cadbury, who also produce Daily Milk and Roses,  by Kraft Foods for the reason that the chocolate coin line has been axed.