Church warns clergy against 'lethal sin of boredom'

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CHURCH of Scotland ministers were yesterday warned against the eighth deadly sin - boring their congregations.

The television age has made people more critical of poor communication and presentation, according to a report by the Church's panel on worship to be discussed next month at the general assembly in Edinburgh.

It urges ministers to think carefully about all aspects of worship, including language, dress, and preaching, all the time considering their flock.

'In public worship, the engagement of all people of God is essential,' the report says. 'Boredom in worship is a lethal sin, especially when it reduces the congregation to being mere apathetic spectators rather than active participants.'

And ministers who prefer not to wear robes or a cassock should consider how this will go down with their congregation. 'It may feel slighted that the person who has been ordained to perform liturgical functions wishes at such moments just to be like one of them,' the report says.