Clark denies love child claim

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ALAN CLARK, the former defence minister, yesterday angrily denied an accusation that he was the father of a 'love child'.

He said he was 'astounded' at allegations in yesterday's News of the World - and was now leaving the matter to his lawyers.

Mr Clark, who lives in Saltwood Castle, near Hythe in Kent, has been under media siege since the disclosure a week ago that he had affairs with a former judge's wife and her two daughters.

Since the former judge, James Harkess, who now lives in Cape Town, flew into London last week with his wife, Valerie, and step-daughter Josephine, they have held a series of news conferences and interviews with the help of the publicist Max Clifford. The other daughter, Alison, is estranged from the family.

The News of the World claimed that Mr Clark had told Mrs Harkess, 57, he had an illegitimate child, Billy, now two years old, whose mother was 24.

Mr Clark expected his solicitors to make a statement today.