Code offers pledge of integrity: The chief constables' statement on ethical principles

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THE police service statement of ethical principles reads:

As a member of the Police Service I will:

Act with fairness, carrying out my responsibilities with integrity and impartiality.

Perform my duties with diligence and a proper use of discretion.

In my dealings with all individuals both outside and inside the Police Service, display self-control, tolerance, understanding, and courtesy appropriate to the circumstances.

Uphold fundamental human rights, treating every person as an individual, and display respect and compassion towards them.

Support all my colleagues in the performance of their lawful duties, and in doing so, actively oppose and draw attention to any malpractice by any person.

Respect the fact that much of the information I receive is confidential and may only be divulged when my duty requires me to do so.

Exercise force only when justified and use only the minimum amount of force necessary to effect my lawful purpose and restore the peace.

Act only within the law, in the understanding that I have no authority to depart from due legal process and that no one may place a requirement on me to do so.

Use resources entrusted to me for the maximum benefit of the public.

Accept my responsibility for self-development, continually seeking to improve the way in which I serve the community.

Accept personal accountability for my own acts and omissions.