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Just imagine it: a duel to the death between Phillip Schofield and Judge Dredd. Schofield's cheeky grin against Dredd's voice-activated Lawgiver, loaded with incendiary bullets. That, in a sense, is what's happening at Memorabilia '95, the largest fair for "modern collectables" in Europe. For loveable Mr Schofield will be there, filming an episode of Schofield's Quest, that heartwarming TV series wherein desperate viewers are helped to find the precise bit of ephemera that will make them forever happy. And everyone's favourite practitioner of jurisprudence? Well, he'll be there in spirit, as the Judge Dredd Roadshow hits Birmingham, bringing with it more than pounds 1 million-worth of props, vehicles and costumes from the excellent Stallone flick.

Hundreds of stalls will be creaking under the weight of pop, sci-fi, comics, sports and film memorabilia dating back to the 1950s. Snap up a James Bond Aston Martin model, a signed portrait of Charlie Chaplin, or a classic piece of vinyl like Pinky & Perky's Greatest Hits. All these things will mean something special to someone, and in our golden age of capitalism, good memories can be bought too. Other special collections include an exhibition of Tony Hancock memorabilia, a display of original Beatles waxworks and - for the true aesthetes among us - the spine-tingling launch of the Pamela Anderson Collectables. Possibly the most exciting part of this new line will be the first ever holographic film, or Holo- Movie, which is a full-colour hologram of Pammy with four seconds of continuous movement. Yes. You can own one of these and stick it to your bathroom wall. Who said nostalgia was for sad anorak types?


10am-5pm Sat 14-Sun 15 Oct, NEC, Birmingham (0121-780 4133), pounds 3.50 adults/pounds 2 concs/pounds 9 family (2 adults, 2 kids)