Comic end for Dan Dare

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DAN DARE, the space hero who survived countless battles with his arch-enemy the Mekon, has finally been beaten by Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, writes Will Bennett.

The Eagle, the boy's comic in which Colonel Dare has starred for most of the past 43 years, is to close, the publishers said yesterday.

Sales, which soared to 750,000 soon after its launch in 1950, have slumped to 20,000 as children switched to computer games and their spin-off magazines. Peter Acton, of Fleetway Editions, publishers of the Eagle, said yesterday: 'It is just not economically viable.'

Col Dare's demise has come despite his image being revamped several times. He was updated when the comic returned in 1982 after it had closed in 1969.

A glimmer of hope lies in a planned television show featuring Col Dare; success may promote a second return.